If We Were Birds

If We Were Birds by Erin Shields was put on by Queen’s Drama in February 2015 as the Winter Major Production. This was the biggest project I had managed to date. As head of wardrobe, it was my job to schedule and coordinate the crew, oversee and teach sewing skills, schedule fittings with the cast and designer as need be, and to care for all the garments.

This show was designed by Jill Pike.

Here are some images of the final product.

Birds 1
Pandion (Zach Closs) and Tereus (Leonard Wang) make grand plans as the chorus watches with apprehension.
Birds 2
Sisters, Philomela (Erica Hill) and Procne (Mariah Horner) joke in the bath.
birds 3
All images by Tim Fort

Costume Team

Designer: Jill Pike
Head of Wardrobe: Jillian Wakarchuk
Costume Coordinator: Marianna Thomlison
Crew: Nicky Christensen, Julia Dickson, Vickie Sprenger, Emily Rowell, Laura Shaen, Heather Abrams

For more info on the show click here.