Two women sword fighting


Here are some of my designs from Macbeth – Presented by the Queen’s School of Drama and Music in February 2016. Drawings were made before a cast of 17 women and 3 men was decided, and were used primarily as aesthetic building. Many changes were made along the way to accommodate gender, silhouettes, and practical needs of the show.

Witch Design Comp
The Witches (Jacob Macleod, Sam Woods, Jake Blum)
Aparitions Comp
Apparitions (Claudia Avellaneda, Julia Dickson and Erica Hill) wear masks on their hands, and tops of their heads to create a haunting image of dead kings.
left: Macbeth (Tess Richards) is counselled by Lady Macbeth (Audrey Sturino) right: Macduff (Hannah Komlodi) grieves the death of the King
banquo comp
Banquo (Tara Wink) and Duncan (Islay Burgess) share a laugh
Donalbain Comp
Donalbain (Heather Abrams) and Malcolm (Sarah Reny) plan their escape.


Costume Team

Costume coordinator: Marianna Thomlison

Head of Wardrobe: Rysia Andrade

Designer Shadow: Coven Madensky

Crew: Zoe Barclay-Wright, Adele McCallum, Claire Liu, Jaedie Sansom, Vickie Sprenger, Ana Sysmanski, Sabrina Weber

With special help from: Ethan Lleres-Farkas & Kassy Chowns