4 actors in medieval inspired outfits stand against a blank wall lit in different colours

The Night of Four Houses

One initiative of the Hand Eye Society is an annual fancy video games party. In 2018, several designers and makers came together to work on a large-scale game that all attendees could play. It was called The Night of Four Houses.

How to play

As part of the narrative team, Jesse Gazic and I worked to develop the story to fit with the basic mechanics of the card game. We also created characters for an improv team to play, and I fleshed out some designs for costumes.

a sketch of a magical girl costume

a sketch of a medieval man's costume with a sword

a sketch of a 90s girl costume, the person is holding a joystick

a sketch of a scarf wearing person with a VR headset and controller

screenshot of a pinterest board with 4 sections


Alenn Predko


Lindy Wilkins

Nadine Lessio

Kit Burnham

Jane Hacker


Jesse Gazic

Jillian Wakarchuk

Jord Farrell

Sagan Yee

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