A person is crouched behind a dumpster wearing a black hoodie and denim vest. The vest is covered in electronics. Text at the bottom reads: Patch Me Up, A game by Jesse Gazic, Sebastian Pines, and Jillian Wakarchuk

Patch Me Up

This game and custom controller were created with Jesse Gazic and Sebastian Pines for Dames Making Games‘s annual Feb Fatal Game Jame. The theme of 2019 was Killing Cyberpunk, meaning critically exploring the genre without harmful tropes.

Patch Me Up focuses on body augmentation as an accessibility device, and through that allows players to navigate health and intimacy in a cooperative race against the clock. The game combines our love of textile art, puzzles, and co-op gaming.

This game was exhibited at the Killing Cyberpunk Arcade on April 25, 2019 as well as Doors Open Toronto at the Toronto Media Arts Centre from May 23-June 3, 2019.

Players at the Killing Cyberpunk Arcade
More players at the Killing Cyberpunk Arcade
Assembling the vest during the game jam