A twine game by Jesse Gazic and Jillian Wakarchuk about grief and community. [more]
An arcade game by me and Jesse Gazic about misogyny in the workplace. It was made in Construct 2. [more]













A Twine game about the underground arts scene, feminine power, and cyberspace. Made in collaboration with Jesse Gazic and Jorie Stern.[more]
A Twine game about how to use your support network during holiday struggles. [more]















It’s for Melody is a twine game about neo-veganism and food security in outer space. It’s part of an anthology called “What Can I Get You” curated by Kaitlin Tremblay and Jonathan Levstein [more]
Bubble Trouble is a party-style arcade game for 2 players that explores themes of cooperatively navigating space and obstacles. It was made in collaboration with Jesse Gazic and is still in development.