Legacy was an environmental, interactive, devised adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. It was set at an estate auction approximately 10 years after Gatsby’s death. The audience was invited to follow characters around a house, and participate in conversations. Colliding Scopes Theatre specializes in devised, experimental, found space theatre experiences.

For this project, I designed, made, and managed the costumes myself. Many pieces were borrowed from the actors to reduce spending, while other pieces are authentic vintage wear. This play was set ambiguously in the early 1930s.

Hair and Make-up were designed by Amanda Baker.

Here are my designs.

daisy comp
Daisy Buchanan (Emma Doedens) I made her dress out of a beautiful beaded skirt
tom comp
Tom Buchanan (Jordan Dawson)












pammy comp
Pammy Buchanan, Tom and Daisy’s 13 year old daughter (Nikki Clementine) The actor has several tattoos that were easily covered with tall socks and the sweater
Nick Comp
Nick Carraway (Ben Sterlin)












Jane Pollock, a reporter (Morgan Anderson)
Wolf comp
Mr. Meyer Wolfsheim (Tess Richards)